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M.K.- Client/Parent

"... this past year has been a very stressful and frustrating time for our family.  We truly appreciate you seeing us through.  We learned a lot along the way, including how to manage our frustrations and how to communicate more effectively!"

M.C.- Client/9 yrs old

(about DBT groups)-- "Validation is the best magic trick I know!  I used it with my mom during a fight and it really works!  Almost right after, we weren't fighting anymore.  I was able to make a compromise."

R.S.-Client/ 18 yrs old

"Before I really engaged in therapy, things were so hard for me.  I was repeating the same patterns and felt really ashamed.  I want people to know that I see therapy as a time for healing.  It really is possible to feel better.  I  feel pretty good about myself and I get along better with my family.  Things aren't perfect but they've improved.  I will always be thankful for this experience. From a kid whose been there, work on yourself and everything will fall into place."

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