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Hi, I'm Caitlin.


I'm a licensed clinical social worker from northern New Jersey and I want you to know that it is possible to find resolution and peace. Therapy doesn't have to be a scary and anxiety-provoking experience.  Instead, it is about having your own time and space, building a relationship with your therapist, and having an ongoing conversation with them.  In therapy, an authentic connection is formed, one where your inherent strengths are honored and cultivated.  Creating a safe space (one where you can speak absolutely freely and share exactly what's on your mind) is essential for gaining insight and shaping lasting change. 


I work with adolescents and adults, children of addiction, single parents, LGBTQIA individuals, dissatisfied families, survivors of trauma and outside-of-the-box kids who are going against the grain to find their way.  I am well-versed in the Sussex County school system as well as New Jersey's levels of care.  I provide customized treatment that's been scientifically proven to work.  Treatment modalities include but are not limited to: cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior informed therapy and Bowen family systems.


Other offerings include: behavior management planning (to promote on-task behaviors), safety planning, home visits and thorough collaboration with outside treatment providers. 

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