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counseling services for the thoughtful & unresolved person

There's a reason you're here.

  • You are struggling 

  • Perhaps someone you love is in conflict


Or you might be:

  • At odds with a significant other

  • Nursing a broken heart

  • Moving through a stressful transition

  • Processing a recent trauma

  • Wrestling with challenging family dynamics

  • Or grappling with core issues of identity

Underneath, these experiences can cause us to feel depleted, "not enough" and wondering where we went wrong. 

You might not know where to begin.  It's normal to be ambivalent about starting the process of sorting everything out.  But I want you to know that you've already taken steps toward resolution and that together, we can get to the bottom of things.  


Many of my clients have tried, sometimes for years, to feel understood and connected in therapy.  At the heart, we all long to feel happy, competent and cared for.  Using an integrative and relational approach (meaning treatment contains a blend of different techniques to fit your specific needs & that relationships are of central importance to your emotional well-being), I help clients: to move toward finding a greater ability to communicate assertively, to have balanced and fulfilling relationships with others and to find compassion and gentleness for themselves.

Call today for your free consultation: 518-460-5744

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